Adnan Basma

Adnan A. Basma

Chairman and Assoc. Professor of Civil Engineering
The University of Sharjah - Sharjah, UAE

BSCE (1980), MS (1981), Ph.D. (1985); Civil Engineering
The University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi, U.S.A.

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Contact Information
Address: P. O. Box 27272
College of Engineering
The University of Sharjah
Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 6 505 0904 (Department)
+971 6 505 0957 (Direct)
Fax: +971 6 505 0401   or    +971 6 558 5173
e-mail:   or

Life in Brief

Birth and Origin:

I was born on Monday March 23, 1959 at 10:10 AM in Freetown - Sierra Leone (West Africa). I am Lebanese by origin (from Tyre or Sur) and a holder of the Sierra Leonian and British Commonwealth nationalities. I am also a Canadian Permanent Resident. 

I obtained my High School Degree in 1976 from The National Evangelical Institute (Gerard) in Sidon Lebanon. I earned my B.S. (Civil Engineering) in 1980, M.S. (Structural Engineering) in 1981 and a Ph.D. (Geotechnical Engineering) in 1985 from the University of Mississippi
in The United States of America.

Employment and Experience: [Check out my full Résumé]
After graduation, I worked for two semesters at the University of Mississippi (1985-1986).

In August of 1986, I joined Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid-Jordan as an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and was promoted to an Associate Professor in September 1992. I  joined Sultan Qaboos University in Oman as an Associate Professor in August 1995. In August of 1999, I accepted a position as an Associate Professor at The University of Sharjah in UAE. I am currently the Chairman of The Civil Engineering Department and still holding this position.

Experienced in design, analysis, teaching and research in the field of soil mechanics and foundations with a strong background in reliability, statistical techniques and pavement design. Published over 70 papers in international journals and conference proceedings. Familiar with both VAX, IBM mainframes and PCs. Worked extensively with well known computer softwares. In addition, a consultant for several national and international scientific institutions / organizations and construction firms  Recipient of several international awards and honors.

Family: (see our photo album HERE)
I am married (Rana) with three children Adib, Tina and Jad.   Adib was named after his late grandfather and Tina after the stunning Tina Turner and Jad, well, no reason we just like the name. We, as a family, are called the Smiling Bunch. For you see, "Basma" in Arabic means a "Smile". In fact, all together we are a wild group. We love to have fun. We rarely disagree but we enjoy having family fueds (crazy isn't it).

Of my many enjoyable hobbies, I love photography, painting and assembling model airplanes (though lately I have not done any). I am also fond of out door camping and traveling [Family Tour and Events]. Space is my life and I am a Star Trek Buff. In fact, I am a Captain in the United Federation of Planets aboard the USS Intrepid (class TSS2 Starship). [Star Trek Profile]