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Star Trek, My Generation
My Star Trek Profile as Captain A. A. Basma
Lunar Phases
See the phases of the moon
Euro-Tour 97
Euro Disneyland, Paris and London. (July 1997)
Seefa 97
Camping on Seffa beach of in Oman (May 1997)
Halloween 98
Join Adib and Tina in their trick or treat.
Adib's 9th Birthday
Adib celebrates his 9th birthday (Feb. 1998)
Thailand 98
Our family trip to Thailand (April 1998)
Tina's 7th Birthday
The party is on for Tina's 7th birthday (June 1998)
Lebanon 98
Our trip to the country of the cedars (July 1998)
Malaysia 99
Our trip to Malaysia (July 1999)
Thailand 2000
Our second trip to Thailand (January 2000)
Tina's 10th Birthday
She is growing fast. Tina's 10th birthday (June 2001)
e-virgo.jpg (3845 bytes) Asia 2000
Singapore, Cruise, Malaysia, Thailand (July-Aug. 2000)
Jumeirah Beach Hotel (Dubai)
Fun at home (July 2001)
Jad's First Birthday
Its already here. Jad is now one. (Feb. 14, 2002)
Tour 2002
Singapore, Vancouver & Penang (July-Aug. 2002)
Jad's Second Birthday
Jad is now two. (Feb. 14, 2003)
Adib's 14th Birthday
He is becoming a young man!
More to come
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