This summer (2001) the family and I decided not to travel abroad. We did have a nice holiday, though. We stayed in a 2-bedroom suite at the Jumeriah Beach Hotel in Dubai for 5 days. It is one of the fanciest and most luxurious hotels in the world next to Burj Al Arab ( The tallest and most expensive all suite hotel  - Guinness World Records 2001 - p. 147). We swam a lot and spent afternoons in Wild Wadi Water Park (next to the hotel). We had great fun.. Jad had his first swim

Here are some photos of my family during our stay at Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The Jumeriah Beach Hotel
Rana and Jad in our suite Adib and Jad in our suite
Tina and I at Wild Wadi Jad's first swim with the family
Rana and Jad The family with Jad
Jad and I after a cool swim Having a night out
Rana and Tina from the balcony overlooking Burj Al-Arab With Jad in the pool Tina and I dancing the night away

Here are some scenes from our stay at Jumeriah Beach Hotel. Photos by Author.

Our suite Wild Wadi Water Park

The Jumeriah Beach Hotel Pool
Burj Al-Arab