Seefa is a small town on the Gulf of Oman about 40 km to the south-west of the capital Muscat and about 80 km for the campus of SQU. The beaches in the area (which run for kilometers) are the cleanest and most beautiful in the world. They are majestic in their view and calmness. Also, the coral (for which Oman is well known for) are spectacular and magnificent. During the period between December and May the weather in most ideal for camping, fishing and scuba diving. The road to Seefa (from Muscat) is mountainous, unpaved and rugged and can only be accessed by a four-wheeler. However, driving there is relatively safe and most fun and full of adventure. In May 1997, we went camping with friends. It was our first of many that followed to Seefa and many other places in Oman. We swam, collected shells and had lots of fun. Obviously we will be doing it again.

Here are some pictures of our last camping trip to Seefa.

Road to Seefa

Seefa Beach (next to camping site)

Sunrise (5:30 AM) at Seefa

Rana, Tina and Adib on the beach

With the 4x4s (Nissan Patrol)

Tina, Muna (friend) and Adib by tent