We started our trip to Thailand on March 31, 1998. We arrived at the beautiful island of Phuket where we stayed at the Cabana Resort on Patong Beach till April 7. We then went to Bangkok and Stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel for three days. On April 9, we returned home. The entire tour was arranged by Thai Airways and they did a fabulous job. We had so much fun on the beach and we shopped a lot... I do strongly recommend that you visit Thailand. The people there are very hospitable and nice. It is also reasonable affordable.

Here are some photos of my family during our Thai98 Tour.

Tina on the beach

Tina with a Thai hello

Adib and Tina in Bangkok

At James Bond Island

At James Bond Island

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On one of our sightseeing tour

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At a Buddha's Temple

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With restaurant manager at Cabana

Family at Phuket Cabana Resort

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Adib and Tina on a boat ride

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Getting ready to Parasail


Here are some scenes from our Thai98 Tour.
Photos by Author.

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The Moslem Village

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Patong Beach next to Cabana Resort

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Pool at Cabana Resort

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Cabana Beach Restaurant

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James Bond Island

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Scenes from Phuket

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Bangkok by day (from hotel room)

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Bangkok by night